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Blanket Distribution to the pavement dwellers at midnight

Beating the Chill with Blanket Distribution Drive.
A heartwarming humanitarian effort in the bitter cold midnight, the team of Reincarnation Association NGO distributed blankets, shawls, warm clothes, mufflers, warm caps, warm socks to pavement dwellers at Ghaziabad, Bus Stand, Railway Station and other localities where the homeless braved the winter chill with torn clothes and equally pathetic wrappers, slept on shredded gunny bags under the sky.
In Ghaziabad city more than many homeless people, including beggars, spend their nights on roadsides, at bus stands, railway station, footpaths and other public places in the city. During the night time these people sleep covering themselves with an old bag, plastic cover, banner sheets and old cloths.
Hence, RA team started this project. Our team distributed blankets, shawls, warm clothes, mufflers, warm caps to these pavement dwellers for this winter so that they can sleep well.

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