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Become a Sponsor

The key to our success has always been the generosity of our volunteers and supporters. There are many who are anxious to help with our cause, but may not know how. Our wishlist consists of individual items that will help with Reincarnation’s causes. Many of them are direct supplies for a specific project; other items are used universally to address all of our projects from an administrative level. Making any contribution to help us acquire the items on our wishlist will be of great assistance and will be greatly appreciated.

Item Description Project Quantity
Projector Education & Literacy 1
Desktop Computer Education & Literacy 5
Notebooks Education & Literacy 200
New and Used Story Books Education & Literacy 100
Pencils, Crayons Education & Literacy 300
Used/New Clothes for children & adults Sustainable Social Development Any number
Footwear Sustainable Social Development Please write to us for current wish-list
Winter wears (for children & adults) Sustainable Social Development Any number
Medicine (Unused & Unexpired) Healthcare Any number
Soaps & Toiletries Healthcare & Sanitation Any number