About the founder

Mrs. Savita Gupta is the Founder & Chairman of NGO “Reincarnation Association” and having more than 20 years of experience in managing projects in the social sector with particular emphasis on education, public health welfare programs, environmental awareness, safe drinking water, sanitation, skills development and women empowerment. She is a self-made social entrepreneur and committed professional in Delhi/NCR, India.

Over the years, Savita Gupta has successfully run the organization and won accolades for the quality of services provided in the fields of education. The students are now successfully completing their education from various schools, colleges and universities. Mrs. Gupta has traveled widely for simplifying the cause of needy peoples and worked on several projects with Government, and other organizations to benefit the rural and urban society. She has also been associated with a number of prominent industry associations. No wonder those who know her intimately swear that Mrs. Gupta is born to help the helpless. Her boundless love for the subjugated finds expression in countless and tangible ways.

Mrs. Savita Gupta is a charismatic and passionate individual, who possess not only relevant expertise, but also a sense of social assiduousness. Ms. Gupta , born and brought up in Mumbai, is highly influenced and inspired by her father, Late Shri Thakur Dass Chandna, who was a social worker at heart serving the society with whatever limited resources he had. She saw the effects and impacts of poverty, in the life of an individual, at an early age. She has vast experience of working with kids as she has been a Teacher for a major part of her professional career that spans across two decades. She is a committed individual, who strategizes, formulate decisions, and provide guidance in an effective manner. She is pro-active, and will put in consistent efforts to achieve the goals of overcoming poverty and empowerment.