Become a Partner

We have some incredible partners, but as we expand our programs, we need more support. Here are ways you or your organization can collaborate with us:

Direct Donations
You or your company can invest directly or you can choose to have your donation invested in a specific initiative.

Foundation Support
You can suggest Reincarnation Association for corporate funding, or connect us with the right people. We welcome introductions to expand our funding and support base.

You or your company can donate products or services to support Reincarnation Association. To obtain our latest wish-list, please contact us.

Cause-Related Marketing Promotions
You can donate a percentage of your company’s product revenues to Reincarnation Association which can be used for to a fund a project of your choice. Should you be interested in an affiliation with us, please contact us.

Consumer Donations
Through point-of-sale, retailers can provide their customers the option to add a contribution to Reincarnation Association through their purchases.

Corporate Fundraisers
Both small and large corporations can launch fundraising campaigns to support a Reincarnation Association project of their choice.

NGO and Implementing Partners
Reincarnation Association welcomes collaboration and partnerships with other NGO’s to build upon the success of previous work and move forward with more input.

For more information about any of these opportunities, please contact