Healthcare & Sanitation

Reincarnation Association has undertaken the activities such as safe child birth delivery; pre and post delivery services; midwifes training in hospital and domiciliary; health camps; reproductive and child health programme; medical education; medicine distribution; logistic support in family planning; family welfare programme; health and hygiene; and knowledge about safe drinking water and sanitation.

Reincarnation Association built a cadre of volunteers called as change-makers task force which includes members of Government, user group, elected members, community influencers, NGO staff, etc. The team members worked within the community as peer educators and counselors. The street sanitation committees were actively involved in motivating the community for construction of toilets in their households. This helps in eradicating the existence of dry latrines from the society and build water seal latrines to provide privacy and convenience for especially women, children, old, and sick. This further reduces the risk of suffering from diseases like diarrhea and others. With Reincarnation Association innovative low cost solutions, small groups of homeowners to construct and maintain their own household latrines and lane sewers. This would later be connected to municipal sewers and treatment plants. Reincarnation Association has simplified designs and standardized the parts whose household costs is about 50 per cent lower than those in similar government-financed schemes. An attempt was made to frame low cost potions within the context of necessary considerations, primarily the need to ensure community acceptability, cost effectiveness, and sustainability.

Major Healthcare & Sanitation Services

Free health checkup camps

We organize various free health checkup camps in slums and rural areas to help the people who can’t afford the rising cost of medical services. Doctors/specialists from various medical professions volunteer in our medical camps to counsel the visitors.


This campaign is for both mother and child to ensure their immunity against diseases. The volunteers of NGO visits door to door for free vaccination to children of the age 0 to 5 year and pregnant mother.

Family welfare planning and methods

Reincarnation Association organized health program for the rural people to motivate them to adopt family planning method, childcare, health hygiene, safe drinking and sanitation, knowledge about the pubertal girl’s problems, hormonal imbalance, and psychological change. Reincarnation Association has also established Family Welfare Counseling Center in many villages where all types of necessary medicines, first aid, safe delivery kit, literature, ORS, and iron and folic acid are available every time.

Curative Treatment

Organization has arranged clinical tests, drug disbursal of T.B. Leprosy, STD, cure communicable, non-communicable disease, epidemic, pandemic, disease and prophylactic measurement, health camp, immunization, polio, etc.

Referral Service

The NGO workers are providing services to the rural peoples so that the patients can be easily referred to the Government health centers during serious and emergency conditions.