Environment & Green Energy

Reincarnation Association is actively working in promoting environmental education and awareness including global warming and climate change, biodiversity conservation, waste management, creating environmental awareness among masses on the below objectives:

By working to guide the society towards a cleaner energy, future through advocating for policies that would promote clean power, energy efficiency, sustainable transport (particularly e-vehicles), bad for climate policy, reduction of greenhouse emissions, promotion of green energy and its means in every sphere of activity, etc.

By helping to conceptualize, create and nurture people’s participation in governance, thereby leveraging the collective intelligence, expertize and local knowledge of citizens to facilitate the government to solve citizen’s problems.

By promoting effective utilization of resources; the society also undertakes such projects that ensure employment generation at village levels.

By plantation of trees across India and taking care of them till they grow, to make our nation greener & pollution free. By sensitizing and educating school children and citizens of India towards environmental protection and improvement. By organizing events and activities for Tree Plantation, Clean-up Drive, Spot Fix, Site Visits, Environmental Documentary Show, Audio-Visual Presentation, Workshop, (e.g. Change you can bring, Green birthday celebration, how to go green in daily life) Discussion etc.