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Session on Child Labor & Child Trafficking

Child trafficking is a serious problem that is prevalent in India and child labor has become a social norm that we accept and tolerate in our society. This exploitative and abusive practice will continue unless society adopts a zero tolerance attitude towards it. Child trafficking either happens for sex trade or for child labor. It is the children of the poor and marginalized communities who are often trafficked to be forced into labor. However, only ‘rescuing’ children, often will not help. Identifying the root causes and addressing the reasons can help to eradicate these social evils from the society.

Reincarnation Association works to create awareness about the issues among children, guardians, schools and communities. Provides support in the area of rescue, in alliance with police, Child Line, Directorate of Social Welfare and the Juvenile Justice System. Ensures that the child is rehabilitated and is able to live a dignified life.


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