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Sessions on Sexual Harassment Conducted by Savita Gupta (Anti Sexual Harassment Expert)

Sessions on sexual harassment. The session aimed at creating awareness among the employees regarding various types of sexual harassments and how to make complaints to the Internal Complaints Committee. The sessions were conducted by Mrs. Savita Gupta, Chairperson & Anti Sexual Harassment Expert at Reincarnation Association NGO.

This was followed by talk by Mrs. Savita Gupta who via presentation explained to the participants various aspects related to hearing and addressing complaints regarding sexual harassment and spreading awareness about gender-related issues and functioning of the Internal Complaints Committee. She discussed about sexual harassments and Hostile Work Environment and shared the differences between harassment, sexual harassment and gender discrimination. The session concluded with learnings on how to prevent sexual harassment, which included topics like saying no, speaking out, confronting, keeping records, trusting the instincts and not being scared about the reputation.

The gathering also asked many questions to the experts and learnt how to deal with unwanted situations at the workplace which appear to be sexual harassment for both males and females.

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