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Ration distribution at Devo Vridha Ashram. Subhash Nagar

Visit to an Old Age Home- Devo Vridha Ashram, Subhash Nagar.
Old age home is a place where old people live for basic necessities, but they lack good company, they feel very lonely.
As we stepped into this ashram to distribute some ration and clothes, we saw old people sitting all around. Their eyes looked tired and empty, void of all emotions. They greeted us with a faint smile.
We tried to cheer them up with a small entertainment program. The residents bubbled with energy, as they shook a leg with us and hummed to the tune of evergreen songs.
It was a different kind of satisfaction altogether, to hear their joyous laughs, their toothless smiles and hushed giggles. So contrary to when we first saw them. The very purpose of the visit had been achieved.

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