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Birthday Celebration at Orphanage

Children always look forward to their special day, because they know that it will be filled with gifts, surprises, and food that they can share with their family, friends, and loved ones.

Celebrating birthdays at an orphanage are happy & impactful occasions. It not only brings joy, but also happiness to these children who never get to experience what it means like to cut cake on such a special day.

The day was celebrated with singing, dancing, playing and having a good time. Snacks & toys were distributed to the children followed with lunch.

We learn more values spending time with these kids. These children do not have much but they are happy with whatever they receive. They love each other dearly and look out for each other.

It is always a very touching experience. We encourage everyone to celebrate your happiness at orphanage or old age home. There are many ideas to celebrate your special occasions. But sharing your happiness by providing food to needy and hungry makes your celebration more joyous and happiness for yourself.

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